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est. 1964

H ello wanderer and welcome to version 1.0 of Princess of Llyr, a throwback shrine to one of the most underrated characters in literature, Princess Eilonwy from The Prydain Chronicles written by Lloyd Alexander. She is a spirited and strong-willed princess who becomes a close friend and companion to the protagonist, Taran. Be forewarned, this fansite is rife with spoilers and the structure will probably change as more information is added. As of right now, the only spoiler-free section is the introduction.


Daughter of Angharad

Take a look around and if you aren't already familiar with one of the greatest fantasy series of all time, hopefully this inspires you to hit up your local library and dive in.

"For the boys who might have been Taran and the girls who will always be Eilonwy."

- Lloyd Alexander from "The High King"